Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 ways to create personalized holiday cards

It is not even Halloween yet, but have you noticed all the Christmas decorations up in the stores?  I am not complaining because, it gets me in the mood for the holidays early and gives me the the opportunity to create personalized holiday cards.  I discovered a wonderful online site to create and purchase creative custom holiday cards,

 My tips for creating a memorable personalized holiday card.

1. Find the perfect family photo that shows something fun or unique about your family.  My husband is a pilot and we have posed in front of his airplane for our photo for our holiday cards.  Friends and family members love getting a card that includes a photo, especially people you might not see often.  It is a great way to stay in touch!

2. Use a non-posed photo.  Some of the best photo cards I have received are those that caught the kids doing what ever it is that they do, like playing a sport or on a Boy Scout or Girl Scout outing.  This gives the card recipients a chance to get a glimpse of your everyday life and looks more natural and fun.

3. Have you child draw a picture and use that as your holiday card.  Upload the drawing just as you would a photo for a personalized and unique holiday card.  Allow them to use their imagination!  The more colorful and bright the better.  They can draw a picture of what the holidays mean to them or even something abstract.
The grandparents will love it!

3. Instead of the usual "Happy Holidays" write a personalized message.  I always sit down and and write a personal note in each card.  You do not have to write a book!  Just a few lines makes the card so much more personal than just signing your name.

3.Sit down and type out a family newsletter that you can print and include in your holiday cards.  Everyone enjoys "catching up" with important family events.

I love sending and receiving holiday cards, especially the ones that include a photo.  It is always so good to see a picture of our friends and family members each year during the holiday season.  Purple Trail allows you to add your family photo to many different card templates or if you are feeling extra creative,  you can use  their Design Center to start with blank card and easily create your own design. They also have several different types of cards available including the traditional folded card, flat card and even post cards.

Happy Holidays!

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