Friday, February 19, 2010

The Children are our Future!

I am a stay at home Mom of two sons, ages 16 and 21 and I have always considered myself extremely lucky to be able to be a full time mom. I have tried to use my "spare" time to give back to our community by volunteering. I have volunteered in my sons schools since they were in Elementary School. I have been a Room Mom, served on the PTA board as the Vice-President, read to students, chaperoned field trips and most recently I volunteer at my son's high school in the College Room.

In the College Room we have available for the students, college catalogs, applications, information about financial aid and scholarships and information about the armed services. Students are able to come in during their free time and browse the materials we have and research prospective colleges. We are there to help answer their questions. If we do not know the answer to their question, we find the answer!

It is my goal for 2010 to improve our College room and make it more efficient and helpful for our students. The HP Mini Notebook Computer because of it's size would be perfect to take along to the school. We would use it to set up a data base with for the students who have requested information. The printer would also be so helpful for printing out information about colleges and scholarships to have available for the students.

I am always truly amazed at the wonderful students and their lofty goals. If they accomplish just a fraction of what they hope to, the future is bright indeed. The children are the future and it is my desire to help them with the next step in their journey.


  1. Wonderful idea! Thank you for your entry! : )

  2. You have a great cause. Helping students make their decisions for their life is very important. Good luck..

  3. I think what you are doing is fabulous! There are so many things devoted to younger children, but not many people are trying to help older ones and they truly are our future, just as you say. Whether you win the contest or not, you are really an inspiration and a wonderful mother!
    Thank you for your contribution to society.