Monday, October 19, 2009

I am a Scary Mom, just ask my two teenage sons!

I am the Mom of two teenage sons and believe me they think that I am pretty scary. A good example of just how scary I might look on any given day would be the "outfit" that I wore this morning to take my High School Junior to school. He has to be there at 7:25 in the morning, so we have to leave the house before 7:00am. I will admit that I am not a early morning person and I am not going to get up early enough to shower, etc. before taking him to school. This morning the temperature was 49 degrees so I had on my pink fuzzy PJs, a hoodie and I did manage to put on socks and real shoes. I had no make up on (makeup-are you kidding?) and I did not brush my hair or even brush my teeth yet! (I promise, I will do it a little later). My son described me as a "Pink Nightmare" like in "A Christmas Story". I just do not have time to get everything done for myself and still get him to school on time. I have two dogs to take out and walk, lunches to pack, and breakfasts to make. We did make it to school on time but to avoid any possibility of being seen with Mom, otherwise know today as A Pink Nightmare, we have to stop a block from school. You know it is just not COOL for your Mom to take you to school, especially your Mom who still has on her PJs. It doesn't hurt my feelings, I still remember how it feels to be 16 and everything soooo matters! I still remember how "scary" my Mom was. I guess that I learned it all from her. I'm sure that she would be so proud!


  1. LOL, my 5 year old was embarrassed of my sweats this morning. It'll be fun times when she's a teen!!

  2. Ode to the time we were once able to floss, shave, (hell---brush our teeth). Hang in there!

  3. When they are in our pajamas one day then they can judge us, just like we used to judge our parents! My mom wouldn't even get up with us in the morning by a certain age, we got ourselves up, ready, fed and out the door, but when and if we missed the bus ohhhh look out!!! There was HeLl to pay {most of the time we would have to sit on the stairs and wait until she got up and when she did the whole drive to school was awful... "If you miss that bus again, don't bother waking me up{like we would dare}, you had better start walking, cause I am not going to take you!" I know that when my son who is 10 misses the bus I tell him "you better hurry so you can catch up with the bus." So your kids should consider themselves lucky that you get up with them in the morning, and take them to school:)