Friday, October 30, 2009

What you are doing with your leftover Halloween candy. Do you enjoy immediately, save for later, or just bribe your kids with it when needed?

I hope that I will not have any candy left over! I try to buy candy that I don't like so that I will not eat it. If we do have any leftovers, I will bag it up and let my husband take it to work. I'm sure that my kids will eat some of it before I have the chance to bag it up!


  1. Buying candy that you don't like is a very good idea! I wish I had the fortitude to be able to follow up on that one. :)

  2. Unfortunately, I only buy candy that I do like....and halfway through Halloween night, when my kids are done Trick or treating, we take all of their candy that they don't like and re-treat it so we can keep all the good stuff. :)